Not only can you review and study for your exams by using the book, workbook and notebook, but also you can practise and learn on the Net.... 2ESO B students show you how they did it in a session.

No només podeu repasar i estudiar per als examens utilitzant el llibre, quadernet i la llibreta, sino que també podeu practicar i aprendre a la Xarxa... Companys de 2ESO B us mostren com ho van fer en una sessió.


If you feel you need a change, coaching and this presentation may help you improve. Take this bus to your inner-self!

Si necessites un canvi, el coaching i aquesta presentació poden ajudar-te a millorar. Agafa aquest autobús cap al teu interior!


Do you want to be updated? This is the world presentation of the marvelous BOOK... Does it ring a bell?

¿Quieres estar actualizado? Este es el lanzamiento mundial del maravilloso BOOK... ¿Te suena?


Who said reading was boring? Watch this video. Aren't we lucky to have all these media available for us to read?

¿Quién dijo que leer era aburrido? Mirad este video. ¿No somos afortunados de tener tantos medios a nuestro alcance para leer?


To be continued this week... Continuará esta semana...


If you want to do your own podcasts, watch this tutorial on how to do it! Click on the title of this article and download Audacity, the programme we recommend you to do your own podcasts, for free!

Si voleu fer els vostres propis podcasts, mireu aquest tutorial! Feu clic en el títol d'aquesta noticia i descarregueu-vos Audacity, el programa que us recomanem per a fer enregistrar els vostres podcasts, és gratuit!

Don't be afraid! Podcasting is dead easy!

Don't you already know what Podcasting is? It consists of delivering audio content to portable media players, such as ipods, so that we can listen to our audio files whenever and at any time we want to! Because podcasts are typically saved in MP3 format, they can also be listened to on nearly any computer, your ipod, your mobile... 


Encara no saps què és un podcast? Els podcasts són arxius d'audio que es poden descarregar en dispositius  portàtils, com els ipods, amb la finalitat d'escoltar-los on i quan vulgam. Ja que solen estar en format mp3, també podem escoltar-los en quasi tots els ordinadors, ipods, telèfons...


Check the following webpage: you will jokes and cartoons on many topics. Choose the one you like most and tell your mates!

Mireu aquest web: trobareu acudits gràfics de temes variats. Trieu el que més us agrade i conteu-lo als companys!

The Beatles

Theatre is always fun, and, on top of that, after the exam period, it is even more appealing. Let's have a break! The English Department has organized this activity, so we hope all of you have a lovely time.

Anar al teatre és sempre divertit i, a més, després dels examens, encara fa més goig. Desconectem! El Departament d'anglés ha organitzat aquesta activitat, així que esperem que passeu una bona estona.

More about your mates

Find out more about your mates from 1st ESO E!

Get to know some of your mates of 3rd ESO D. In this video they talk about they likes, hobbies... Switch on the loudspeakers!



Who said that reading classics was boring? Well, this comedy launched last Christmas is based on Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. This is the book chosen for 1st of ESO. Watch the trailer, the main character's comment and some curiosities about the author!

¿Quién ha dicho que leer clásicos es aburrido? Esta comedia, estrenada las pasadas navidades, está basada en el libro de Jonathan Swift, Los Viajes de Gulliver. Este será el libro que trabajaremos en primero de ESO. ¡Mira el trailer, el comentario de los actores y algunas curiosidades sobre el autor!


The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello is an Australian short directed by Anthony Lucas, which was nominated for the Oscars in 2005 in the category of Best Animation Short.

The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello (Las misteriosas exploraciones geográficas de Jasper Morello) es un cortometraje australiano dirigido por Anthony Lucas y nominado a los Óscars de 2005 en la categoría de Mejor Corto de Animación.


Watch Part III.


This short film is called Peter and the Wolf. It is a musical story in which some instruments interpret each of the characters. The story is about Peter, who is bullied by other children. With the help of some animal friends, he chases the scary wolf and proves to be a true heroe.
This short film was awarded an Oscar in 2008, but the IES La Nucia goes further: in our project, 1st ESO B and E, 2nd ESO B and G and 3er ESO A and D add voices to this amazing story and make the comic version. Don't miss the making off, all these coming soon!
Thanks to all the students' participation in this project. We don't care about winning the contests: we care about communicating and expressing ourselves!
We hope you like it. Wish us good luck!


Os presentamos el blog del profesor Josep Hernández, de Benidorm, quien actualmente trabaja en un instituto de Madrid. En este blog encontraréis multitud de recursos, noticias y enlaces interesantes. Esperamos que os guste tanto como a nosotros.


Do you remember the sports day? Time flies! Well, just in case you want to keep these photos, just download them so that you can watch them at home and... in the future!

Us enrecordeu del dia dels esports?  Com passa el temps! Bé, si voleu guardar-vos les fotos, només cal descarregar-les per a poder vore-les a casa i... en un futur! 



1st ESO B has planned to do many things these holidays. Watch the video. We hope you have a great time too!

1r ESO B tiene muchos planes para estas vacaciones. Mirad el video. ¡Esperamos que vosotros también lo paséis genial!

Here's Hannah Simpon's (2 ESO G) suggestion of a book: Animal Farm (Rebelión en la Granja). Read her summary (resumen) and opinion. We hope you like it!


The Looking Glass Wars 2

¿Te gustó Alicia en el País de las Maravillas? Mira qué te cuenta una compañera de 3A...

It’s about a young girl named Alyss Heart who is the heir to the throne of Wonderland. Everything is going to plan until her parents are murdered by her evil aunt Redd. Then she escapes to our world and lives in London for a long time. Nobody believes her stories about Wonderland and she eventually gives up on trying to prove it.
However, thirteen years later she returns to Wonderland and has to confront Redd…

And the Oscar goes to...

Do you want to know which are the best compositions and who wrote them? Colleagues from 1st, 2nd and 3rd of ESO show you their work.

¿Quieres saber cuáles han sido las mejores redacciones y quién las ha hecho? Compañeros de primero, segundo y tercero te enseñan su trabajo.


Ilbar, Daniela and Roxana, from 2nd ESO G, explain how they celebrate their party. What do you think? Do you do something similar? Let us know!

Tres companys de 2n G ens expliquen com celebren el seu aniversari. Què penses? Fas alguna cosa semblant? Contan's!

On my next holiday I am going to travel to France, Italy and the US...

I am going to do a world tour. I want to visit London, France, Australia and Holland...

I was born in Benidorm on 3rd March,1993.
I grew up with my parents and my sister and my brother in Benidorm, a little Spanish town.
When I was a child my parents decided to divorce.

I live in one of the most visited cities in the world: Benidorm.
Benidorm has got a lot of buildings, and a lot of luxurious hotels. It has also got...